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Fishbone Diagram - Ursachen-Folgen-Kette - Ursache-Wirkungs-Diagramm

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A diagram showing one problem and its large number of possible causes. The detailed causes will be attached to a small number of categories. So the completet diagram looks like the skeleton of a fish.

The fishbone diagram is used for


Write the problem on the right-hand side of the Page. Draw a large arrow pointing towards the problem.
Draw smaller arrows indicating the main categories of causes (a good many times 6-M-Method: Man, Management, Material, Method, Machine und Milieu (ambience)).
Brainstorm for detailed causes within the main categories. Attach each detailed cause to the appropriate main category.
Break down the detailed causes by brainstorming for further particulars.


A search for potential error causes.

Sheet Fishbone Diagram


MS Excel.


EXCEL Form: Fishbone Diagram


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